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Elite plumbing

Unique handmade toilets

…Sometimes usual things can be arranged in a very extraordinary way demonstrating high social status and sophisticated taste. In such a case bright, bold and even provocative style altogether with refined accessories can be used in a respectable interior. Expensive handmade bathroom fixtures have always been an inalienable attribute of a luxurious house. However, there is a separate category of goods that can set the record straight…

Plumbing for aristocrats — exclusive toilets for the elite!

Bold luxury for the wealthy aesthets

Here we go! Handmade toilet bowls made with the most creative approach by talented designers with the use of rock crystal, bohemian glass, premium porcelain and true gilding! Our offer is supposed to attract those who are replete with the tame conventional goods and who would like to purchase really exclusive bathroom fixtures which will make your guests fill jealous, stunned and admired. We real on true aesthetes who are constantly looking for something new, sophisticated and unexpectedly interesting.



«Game of Thrones»


toilet-throne with an impressive technical filling, which increases the user comfort by an order of magnitude

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Glass toilet bowl


«Polar Light»

Glass toilet bowl

impeccable toilet bowl made of Bohemian glass, which is sure to appeal to fans of unique interior items

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The Golden bowl


«50 Shades of Yellow»

The Golden bowl

glamorous Golden toilet bowl with 50 shades of noble metal palette – a perfect imitation of the legendary image with subtle humorous overtones

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Crystal urinal


«Champagne Splash»

crystal toilet bowl

urinal made of natural rock crystal - a great model that brings to the interior a sense of mysterious inspiring romance

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Best toilets

and installation systems

All plumbing products are made on the basis of successful design and construction solutions with perfect adaptation to the anatomical features of the body. Installations for toilets and urinals of own development allow to establish our expensive bathroom equipment in any place necessary to You.

Such plumbing you will not find in conventional plumbing stores, such toilets are difficult to buy – usually such toilets are made only to order. Our wonderful collection will definitely allow you to choose a model that is convenient in all respects, which will become a bright aesthetic epicenter of the appropriate environment.

Becoming the owner of such a toilet, you will be able to fully appreciate the remarkable skill and design creativity, which allowed to create the most amazing plumbing products of modernity luxury toilets. But to buy our plumbing is not so easy, we are not the average online store plumbing! Most models are developed individually! We do not sell sanitary ware wholesale - neither for bathrooms, nor for toilets of high, average and below average level. We do not even undertake to equip business class apartments. Only Lux WC

Plumbing for aristocrats

— exclusive toilets for the elite!

The best sanitary engineering in the world

Plumbing for aristocrats

Only we have the most expensive toilets in the world. Elite bowls are handmade, you can buy only from us! Do not look for other offers - all you need from the elite plumbing already invented!

Our team

professionals in the toilet business!

We of the North European group of young hereditary providers of high-end toilets. Our ancestors supplied toilets, bidets and urinals to many noble houses of Europe, families of oligarchs and rulers.


Karina Fon Vantuzz

Karina Fon Vantuzz

«Important (!): this site is not intended for users who make requests a La "toilet compact", "shower cabin to buy", "toilet reviews and price", "hanging toilet inexpensive", "cheap plumbing" - sorry, but this site is not for You! Many curious and we are just tired of answering stupid questions. If You are not able to read the text and understand its meaning, no Manager will help.»


Anny Restroomova

Anny Restroomova

«We make every effort to ensure that your life has gained comfort and harmony. We are a team of professionals, not a master plumber, who can be called to the house. We are professionals and work exclusively with successful people. So You can trust us with your most precious and personal space!»


Siiri Expensiv

Siiri Expensiv

«I design toilets, baths, showers, urinals. Also I make all necessary measurements, I make drawings and the technical description of the delivered products. Obviously the best design is the one you like! I'll try to please you. I don't mind if You call me at night, making changes in the TOR and a complete change of the technical specification requirements at the final stage of the project.»

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plumbing is more profitable to buy from us

Unique plumbing is a luxury

Everyone loves promotions, discounts and exclusive approach, we will anticipate your expectations, only with us:

  1. exclusive toilets, bidets, bathtubs, shower cubicles, a Jacuzzi and a sink on unique technology, unique and handmade to order
  2. hundreds of satisfied customers around the world, United by a passion for contemplation of splendor. Many are members of the closed elite club of connoisseurs of premium plumbing
  3. with each order You will receive a free roll of toilet paper extra class interspersed with real 24-carat gold and another with the image of 100-dollar bills. Extra quality capable of surprising the most demanding customers.
  4. discounts - all regular customers discount 0%, the discount doubles if You recommend us to your friends. The promotion period is unlimited! Individual approach and personalized limited products.
  5. We appreciate individuality and respect your desire to stay unnamed in such delicate issues. All your secrets were and will remain only with You! All our toilets observe the law of silence and are able to keep secrets. We do not cover our customers and their orders, so the examples on the site are conditional. We do not publish our postal address and phone number in order to filter out people who are just curious and who actually is not going to buy.

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